THC Merchant Services provides the convenience of credit and debit card processing with our all in one, unique Green Wealth voucher system for your medical or recreational cannabis dispensary.  We do not change descriptors on our application, which gives the merchant ease of mind of not operating under a different DBA as well as compliance.

We also provide a mobile Green Wealth voucher system for merchants who work in the delivery sector of the cannabis industry.

We provide 24-7 tech support, as well as daily and monthly reporting of your sales.

THCMS is proud to work with our current clients in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, Michigan, and in the Northeast United States.

We do not discriminate on what state you reside in, if you’re living in a medicinal or compliant cannabis state, we can help with your merchant service needs!

Don’t have a business bank account or are having difficulties obtaining one? No worries, THCMS can provide you business banking solutions as well.


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